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>> they know that we're watching and just keeping an eye on it he says he will ask others to celebrate with dignity. >> it's not time for violence. you're winning the championship. >> now, we also found out the sheriff's department will have people to assist police and be there to transfer those arrested. live in the mission district of san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the super bowl is just two day as way. and fans are streaming into new orleans now. and they're getting ready here for the game as well. >> abc 7 news sports director is live in the big easy with coverage of super bowl 47. >> after days of rain and cold, the sun finally came out. in new orleans today, and,tmx we tookedded the community to cruise around the french
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quarter a bit. we wanted to show you how much fun sit and show you the environment and at missphere, take a look. >> a lot of finance fans have just flown into the town, streets are packed and there is live music on every block. everybody is dressed up. it's like a pregame for mardi gras now that. is the feel sh everybody have having a good time whits warm and sunny out. abc 7 joins me now. we're talking a lot about the harbaugh brothers that held a news conference today. never happened before in super bowl history. you're there for it. >> you won't think they were brothers. their personalities so different. when walking in, john is
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wearing a suit. and jim wearing khakies and black sweat shirt he's been wearing for two years. inducing his parents, mom, grand dad and uncle but they're brothers and john says jim is willing to share. we're going to head over to the saints facility. jim has been great about giving us an opportunity to take advantage that have facility it's been go g.for us. >> i concur. >> did sharing a room help mold their coaching styles and get them to the super bowl? >> the way ou players play that had is why we're here. not because of any coaching decisions. or anyway that we were when we're kids. >> i consure. >> being the older brother will john feel bad taking away jim's dream to fulfill his own?
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>> no. not at all. i suspect he feels the same way. >> we'll continue to be fiercely loyal and protective of one another but also of our teams. >> a reporter asked this question. >> were you born in toledo as well? i was. >> their dad, jack might be the reason for similar styles. >> philosophical commonalties? that would be hard to spell, philosophical right now.ds
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just a reminder. you can leave it up if you want z today on the set, i had a chance to talk to him and he was so impressed with collin's you laser arm. says he seemed calm about the whole thing. >> he has got wheels, and the accuracy of joe. and there is that cool, calm, under pressure. just amazing. just baffles me and i think it's baffled jim harbaugh. >> we're going to have more
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it's coming up in sports. it's a conversation with mike tariko with a funny story about brothers competing on the same high school football team. while on the espn set we're taking photos so take a look at this, collin rush snapped a photo and saw mike ditka. he walked off the set and looked at me saying where is my car. oh, you don't have the car? he thought collin was the driver. mike was disappointed and mike was disappointet away. but that is funny stuff tonight. right now, where is collin with the car? collin? yes. >> dan, carolyn, back to you. >> yes. looking forward to seeing him later and what is he wearing. >> yes. >> whatever happens on sunday
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night, abc 7 news going to be here to cover it. >> we'll be on right after the game with live coverage. >> stay with us for that. >> new tonight at 6:00 from abc 7 news i team a watch group weighs in on video showing what happened when this confrontation with an officer got personal. >> on the deck of the new bay bridge, eastern, pass over, memorial day, 4th of july, major holidays between now an and... the answer coming up live. >> i'm spencer christian. don't be worried by thin clouds there is more mild weather coming our waichl i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> later tonight san francisco banjo man is in new orleans
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abc 7 news learned the main person of interest in the disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins had a rap sheet including kidnapping. source was knowledge of the investigation tell us it's one of the main reasons that police are focusing now on dan" ferrin. police took jam hammers and tore up the basement floor looking for evidence that might link him to this young boy. the home is across the street from kevin's old school. our sources say he had a dog
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two, witnesses told police they last saw kevin talking to a man with a large dog. and one saw them tolgt in front of ferrian's house. dog and of course they sent them to the crime lab to be certain of that. >> twitter has been hacked. the company says it's attacked by hacker who's obtained e mail addresses of pass words of 250,000 customers and probably was in the isolated. twitter cancelled the pass words and advised users on how to create new ones. >> bank of america web site has been down most of the day. and if you try to do any banking today thaechl plains the error message you saw. b of a says atms are still working. >> the project is on track. abc 7 news has been on the
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bridge and live again for us tonight. quite an accomplishment to keep the job on schedule. they and they have managed to do that. we're winding down now. and we're on what is known as the skyway section of the bridge. connectsing with the self anchored suspension bridge. that is a single cable that drifts over it. tonight, self anchored bridge, yes, it's quite a mouthful. known as faf for short. and now only 213 days of a great opening that is labor day weekend, seven months away. >> the space shuttle is to a horse and buggy.x with safety features just for
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this bridge, they're designed to prevent dangerous vibrations. these renderings show the wind shuttered that won'tyá%é affect how cards feel the wind but will keep the bridge from feeling the wind wind. >> this can you windy. we had advantage of modern design technology. and there is steps in the design of this bridge.i!fhy >> these photos show the scale model used in the testing. >> there is part of the process is picking up whatever techniques you'd want to mitigate. >>z)6 caltrans says vehicles should not be affected it's another story for people on the pedestrian and bike path running to the emoriville ikea
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with rest stop as long the way. >> it's going to be a treat to walk, ride a bicycle on to a bridge. not too many people know whaits like to walk over a bridge like this. we're used to it. driving on it. that is a different experience. >> it won't be long before work begins on taking down on old one. on a sensitive bay that is a complicated job. when it had to be cut apart. between now and then, enjoy what will be a drive down memory lane. the bridge opens in a mere 214 days. there are plans in the work we're told for opening ceremonies. it should include the public'w/ in some way. we just haven't been let in on the plans just yet.
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>> another impressive job we're following closely. five years of construction coming to an 5o'vñ on devil's slide. the area notorious for major accidents and rock slides that can back up traffic but workers putting touches on two tunnels bypassing this part of highway 1. there are wind turbine that's turn on when carbon monoxide levels get too high z will be able to alert drivers of emergencies. the grand opening may come in the spring. >> well, our warm weather means a lot of people will be hitting beaches this weekend. and that has the coast guard on high alert following a rash of drownings involving people walking their dogs. officials launched a campaign to keep people and their pets safe at the beach.
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this is rascal. she knows who is the better swimmer. the rescue swimmer gave just out of helicopters to save people. he knows without gear, his retriever would be swimming laps around him. that is the focus of a new campaign. >> coast guard and national park launched the campaign. >> we've seen many pet owners going in after pets which, as pet lovers we understand but seeing people losing their lives is just tragic. >> since november, five people have drowned on shore lines walking their dogs. four deaths in humbolt county often attributed to sneaker waves. it sneaks up on you. >> sneaker waves are words people use to describe a wave that is out of the ordinary.
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>> this sneaker waved is blamed for sending three people to the hospital. wint jer prime time for icy cold water its almost a losing battle, so cold. you're now taking a big gasp of air. >> it's an ugly situation. >> the common outcome of someone going in to save the dog is that dog gets out fine but the person does not. >> dogs are natural-born swimmers if yours gets swept up,... >> stay on the shore. the dog is going to be fine. >> that is cool. >> the weekend has arrived and weather is fantastic. >> yes that. is true. >> if you're going to be down along the coastline it can be dangerous. stay away from the coastline.
6:17 pm
don't stand on slippery rocks. here is a live view from our camera. sort of southwest we're looking high clouds throughout the day. still with us tonight but not enough to give us completely cloudy skies. there is a look at the clouds. it's mainly clear outside. temperatures into upper 50s to low 60s. >> cool tonight, can breezy at times, a mild weekend)hyy high clouds that are remaining in the sky. talking about that beach there just a moment ago. there this could be dangerous there. looking for lows into mid 30s
6:18 pm
in santa rosa and nappa. into concord in the east bay valleys upper 30s to low 40s around the bay. high pressure is still dominant. strong ridge but we do have high clouds starting to stream up in our direction yesterday from way down south giving us filtered sunshine into afternoon hours. now bringing us cloudy skies. so tomorrow more fields of sunshine, high temperatures into 60s. cooler at the coast tomorrow than the last couple days. highest readings probably around 60 degrees. many loks into 50s but around the bay, inland, low to mid-60s and mid to upper 60s in spots. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild pattern remaining with us through monday with little change tomorrow, declining air quality tomorrow and then, mid
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week we'll see more clouds and a cool down. a sharp cool down thursday, friday. highs into 50s inland. and a chance of rain towards end of the week. end of the week. >> thank you. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show
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then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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white house confirmed bay area scientist steven hsu is quitting the president's cabinet. he has served over the past four years and approved a $500 million loan guarantee to sol lind dra. he also design aid well cap to plug the gulf oil leak.
6:22 pm
the president thanked him for contributions to the country. >> city of oakland unveiled the first locally issued id card and teamed up with sf global. community leaders say they will help people including many undocumented immigrants. >> they're vulnerable because he couldn't open bank accounts so there was a target of crime die have the mexican consulate card but some business owners and some night life facilities are weird aboutmdogh5ñ >> cards allow them to avoid fees charged by check cashing service autos today i had a chance to sit down with rob riener. the man behind "the princess
6:23 pm
bride". we talked about his role as both a film make skbrer a political activist. including a fight against prop 8. >> one of the reasons we took on prop 8 aside from openus reasons of marriage equality and we should be treated equal under the law and its a bad bad initiative and you know, courts have overturned it. we hope the supreme court will uphold those rulings but it's partly an education process being able to teach, being able to show people that everybody is equal. >> riener is working on a documentary about prop 8. >> fascinating. >> very considering -- interesting guy. >> coming up a follow up from the abc 7 news i team. >> u.s. soldier, bro. >> i know. >> know who you're talking to are you getting in my face? >> i know who i'm talking to.
6:24 pm
you're down. do you understand that? >> a con -- confrontation with a police officer. showing a video to a local watch dog group. >> a woman puts jewels in a safe deposit box and three safe deposit box and three years later they're gone.ys of g
6:25 pm
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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tonight a plos watch dog group is responding to an
6:27 pm
investigation that uncovered a new complaint of excess tiff force against vallejo police. >> we have that tip line. the i team receives calls from people complaining about mistreatment by police around northern california. the stories are hard to prove, and sometimes, people are exager yait bug this time a source inside of the vallejo pd sent me a video showing what happened. imagine you're a police officer on patrol. it's a warm summer day. the call of a 22-year-old complaining his roommate beat him up, kicking him out of the apartment. >> are you injured?. >> yes. he punch skmeed chokd me. ripped my clothes tried to steal thousands of dollars worth of stuff. it's in front of the house. >> the victim is upset how long you took to arrive. >> you took 45 minutes to get here. >> okay. listen to me, i'm not on your time watch. second of all, second of all,.
6:28 pm
>> u.s. soldier bro. know who you're talking to. >> are you getting in my face? you stepped forward to me. >> what would do? try to diffuse the situation? explain why it took 45 minutes. b, direct the victim to step back have a seat and assure him you're l to help. or c, smack him in the head. >> i know who i'm talking to. you're down. do you understand that? you're talking to a united states marine. you're talking to a marine. i suggest you never step up and get in my face again. do you understand snee. >> i tracked down the victim on the video blake robls. >> seeing this now brings back anger i felt that day. when the people that were supposed to help me were there to attack me. >> he had never seen the video. and it brought back a flood of emotion. >> he says on the ground two officers pressed their knees into his chest.
6:29 pm
and that he blacked out briefly. >> would you like to start over? do i need to pull your hair. >> i'm done. >> i don't need to pull it myself. >> i can't breathe. >> officers accused him of faking it. >> what is that moaning and stuff on the ground? >> for affect? >> because my knee was in the center of your chest. "x what was that moaning you son ofjy57 a [ bleep ]. >> whether you're angry it doesn't matter. they're there to protect and serve us. and that day ways not protected and served and i've never felt safe from the police department since then. >> the incident was captured by what is called a v-view camera seen in this video. >> do you want to know what happened? >> darton does not want to talk about this case. he refused a request for an interview.
6:30 pm
darton best known outside of the department for rap music after he recorded a tribute to officer james caput kill bid a suspected bank robber. and the chief declined to be interviewed and told me he wasn't chief at the time of the incident arriving in september from novato. >> but this package arrived here last month sent by someone inside of the vallejo pd concerned about conditions there right now along with a police report, the source wrote a letter describing a cowboy attitude in this department. the source described what happened and wrote, criminal behavior being allowed and nudging is being done to stop it. internal affairs spends more time bullying citizens who try to file complaints and wrote that the shift supervisor played the video in briefing and laughed about it.
6:31 pm
>> did that happen? >> i don't believe that happened but this is a year and a half ago. i wasn't there for every step of this. >> lieutenant lee horton refused to comment directly on the video. or to say what, if any, displin the officer received. >> by law i cannot discuss that with you you're asking me and public to trust you. i just need to know. was the behavior on that video appropriate? >> well... i can answer the question for thu way f i'm telling you we conducted an investigation and there was a disposition with the officer that is the answer to your question. >> i conducted a front throw, exerted forward force with the right palm into the upper portion of the chest while
6:32 pm
sweeping legs in the opposite direction but he didn't hit robls in the chest. you can see the gloved right hand strike the left side of his head not knocking him to the ground. >> there is a lot of oppression. i believe there is because l is no account yiblt police killed her brother, she claims police planted a pellet gun on him to justify the shooting. cop watch held a rally against excessive force last week. mitchell says the actions match his reputation on the street. >> he is not able to properly serve the people of the community because he has a big eego a chip on his shoulder. >> i took the video to the head of the criminal justice program at san francisco state. >> police officers know if you don't take control of the situation early on, it can
6:33 pm
escalate. >> he says the use of force falls within general police guideline buzz agrez he let's the confrontation turn personal. >> you're talking to a united states marine. >> perhaps he could have stood more of a distance then tried to use positioning, verbal commands, please sit on the . >> blake robls went to the hospital saying his ribs were sore for week buzz never considered suing the police. >> i don't want money. i want a solution. i want people in vallejo to be safe. they're not right now because when officers like this are coming to calls and treating victims of he is cases like this, no one is safe.s >> i asked polok'i"tt recordings in which the officer had physical contact with the public. the department denied the request saying all videos are part of the personnel file. i filed an appeal with lawyers and i'll tell you how this turns out. i'm posting raw video for to
6:34 pm
there is a saef deposit box, anything but safe. >> yes. hunting for a family
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
safe deposit boxes are supposed to be a secure place to keep valuables. >> but a marin county woman found out that is not always the case. >> when you look, this is an odd one, let me tell you. you may think it's a secure place to lock up your
6:37 pm
vegables. our viewers said jewelry is gone. she promised her grandfather never to sell the diamond necklace that belonged to her great grandmother. >> i saved it, so afraid i'd lose it. >> she put it in a safe deposit box at wells fargo bank. >> my grandmother's rick she hz a 20 carat huge opal. >> she hadn't gone to the box in three years her husband gave her this diamond bracelet. she went to get the ring and instead... the unthinkable. >> she hands me my box. you're supposed to go to a private room. goi and i open it up. and... my stuff is not there. yeah. and someone else's stuff is. >> she couldn't believe it. the box contained someone
6:38 pm
else's gold coins, silver coins and military papers shown in the photos and the jewelry, gone. >> they're trying to tell me another gentleman was renting the box in late 2011 why they'd rent the same box i don't know. >> she shows us two keys supposed to be the only ones issued for that box. she paid the $35 fee every year and there is no record of removing items from vault. >> there is no tracking of where items went. they just disappeared. >> sheotéj called novato police who took the report then contacted 7 on your side. we asked wells fargo why someone else had accessed hear kt. ÷ said it's still investigating. and. an officials says wells fargo deeply regrets the loss suffered by customers and we take responsibility for what happened. and asked the customers to
6:39 pm
complete an affidavit of missing contents as a regular step in our investigation. we intend to cooperate with hem to resolve thisjñç matter to the satisfaction of all parties. she just wants me to warn but what happened. >> maybe to let people know that they should check their stuff. >> safe deposit boxes are usually safe, however, losses can happen when banks move or in case of flood, fire or theft. consider buying insurance on items in the box. remember, cash you put in a safe deposit box is not federally insured. better to put cash in a bank account. >> these where the last of my family heirlooms very to know i've done everything i can to get these back. >> police are treating this as a civil dispute not a criminal case. go to abc 7 and look
6:40 pm
under 7 on your side. >> that is unusual. >> never seen this ever. >> thanks. >> frustrating. >> up next, live from new orleans, san francisco banjo
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6:42 pm
there is no surprise toughest ticket to get right now, probably in the world but a 49ers fan made the trek to new orleans wout a ticket and is still two days away, hoping
6:43 pm
to get in. waib wayne freedman caught up with him and is live tonight with the story. wayne? we got a few, that is bourbon street down there. quite a crowd. niners and fans and it's getting pricey though. a lot of people don't have them leading to a question q k.a play play his way? n.? look in the crowd. it's a birtd, a plane. no. it's... stacy samuels from fairfax, california has not missed a home game in 30 years. a man with a problem we might add just another of many niner fan was out ticket autos anything from face value would
6:44 pm
be good. >> which way do you prefer? >> guess. >> just one more distraction in city spilling over with them. big easy is now did you say >> what is the strangest thing some.x.÷ >> just got kissed by a robot. >> they pave streets with music. >> all kinds of music people from around the world. they came, settled here and they brought music with them and put it together like a gumbo. >> now, he is in the big leagues now. >> i'll get in one way or another. >> leading a person to wonder with a banjo and cape double as a ticket?
6:45 pm
we're live here, those are bronco fan that's got tick yismts i just have6+tiñ one question who. needs beyonce? you have banjo man! >> well, maybe he'll get in if he gets to play super bowl half time show. >> let's check on the forecast now. >> spencer christian is back. >> starting with a look at live doppler 7 hd. thin, high clouds beginning to push farther north now.
6:46 pm
in new orleans this weekend, for those of you who still haven't gone down there maybe head that had way lovely weather. so pleasant weather there. everyone is excited and they probably don't care about the weather. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies and warm across the state. including bay area, we'll see highs into mid to upper 60s into mildest locations and the accu-weather forecast is showing us mild pattern continuing through monday, and a bit of a cool down mid week. sharper late next week. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> okay. >> want to take you back now live to new orleans. >> we're having llt of fun there. hi, larry. >> i will serenade you with banjo sports, dan. i'm going to start with the last 49er quarterback to win a super bowl would be steve young we'll get the take on
6:47 pm
the impressive
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
good evening we come to
6:50 pm
you live from new orleans we're less than two day frtz kickoff in super bowl 47. the 49ers and ravens both worked out at new orleans saints practice facility today. weather outside was nice, warm and sunny today. yet, jim harbaugh decided to go inside to simulate conditions niners will face on sunday and piped in loud crowd noise just to get used to the conditions. the talk has been about harbaugh brother versus brother it's also father versus son. jim's onjay works on the baltimore staff for john. >> maybe that will be the edge. you know? sent him texts and i don't want to get him worried but i'm proud and have heard he's done a great job. that means the world.
6:51 pm
>> i got a chance to talk with steve young. >> it's 18 years after a certain someone won a super bowl for 49ers. too long for red and gold. >> i regret 98 and 92. you know? it's like you think of ther÷ru things you came close to. so grateful for 94. it's a great year. you think so close, many times, it's great to see 49ers back. >> what does your gut tell you? it's the super bowl. >> well, it's talented. so there is no diminishing and they've been hit hard. >> have you been contested anywhere? >> no.
6:52 pm
>> so we know that is coming we know that is not -- can't stay that way. can they take advantage of the beautiful gold bridge that is built by the offense? this wrinkle has been a key to winning games down the stretch. and in green bay? that to me is a great bridge for guys like rg 3. hasn't happened and too hard of a job to do so it's wonderful to be a super talent that is he. >> it's defining, in ways if we would have lost you don't get to talk about it.
6:53 pm
game stands alone. so i knew it was important. i'd be talking about it another 40, 50, 60 years and into the future. this is just the nature of the game. >> great catching up with steve young. i had a chance to spend time with mike tariko. the voice of monday night football way back wh. we used to do sports center together this, is so far back this, was -- dinosaurs were roaming earth. i mean earth just cooled back then. mike lives in michigan now. he told me this story about the harbaugh brothers and high school football days in michigan. >> we live in ann arbor and go by the high school they were on the same team. john supposed to be the senior quarterback. jim the more talented sophomore quarterback ended up getting the starting job.wweç
6:54 pm
>> you and i did a number of shows together. how much do you miss me on a day-to-day basis? >> you know... your famous term aloha means goodbye? >> yes. >> yes. >> that is -- . >> this is it. >> i mean, hello. it often means goodbye. >> i guess we're done. >> we said aloha as you walked out. that was it. ?6; know mike misses me. he does. i don't know if it came through but he does just has a hard time expressing feelings. >> he said goodbye. >> that is what it was. that is what it was. >> give us your pick. >> i like the niners. i thits thi it's going to be a high scoring game and if i were a gambling man for
6:55 pm
entertainment purposes only i would say over that is my clue for the night. we'll see you at 11:00. >> thank you. >> coming up he is never without it. the wung thing collin kaepernick keeps with him, and why. what teachers are learning to do if someone starts shooting. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from the entire news team, thanks for joining us. >> live at the super bowl we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament!
6:58 pm
here are today's contestants -- a senior from covina, california... ...a sophomore from warner robins, georgia... ...and a senior from sarasota, florida... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. new day, new month, and new players in this, our third quarterfinal match. arjun, william, and olivia, welcome aboard. gosh, you all have such beautiful smiles. you're happy to be here. great. let's go to work, shall we? here comes the jeopardy! round for you. and these are the categories. we'll give you the villains. alex: all right, good subjects. arjun, you start.
6:59 pm
let's take it's elemental! for $200, please. william. what is helium? helium. right you are. it's elemental! for $400. oops. it looks like somebody spilled this element. william. what is mercury? mercury. yeah. it's elemental! for $600. william. what is titanium? right. it's elemental! for $800. william. what is sodium? correct. it's elemental! for $1,000. william. what is lead? no. olivia or arjun? [ beep ] what is arsenic? arsenic.

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